Activities - What will you do?

The Good: 

There are so many fun things to do, you can’t go wrong.  But do plan ahead and don’t leave too much to chance.

The Bad: 

Something willl probably go wrong at some point.  It’s not a huge deal.  Just go with it and above all, keep the Bachelor’s interests in mind.

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Activities - What will you do?


So much to do, so little time. We’ve got you covered.

Every bachelor party has its own flow so plan accordingly but below we have mapped out a common weekend.

Thursday night – hang at the hotel in the suite, lobby, bar, or easy group activity where everyone can come join when they arrive. Chill dinner is best, even ordering pizza as not everyone usually makes it on Thursday. Then hit a fun bar and take it from there.

Friday is the best day for smaller group stuff like golf or fishing or air combat training. Late afternoon is good for a grocery and/or alcohol run for the room if you haven’t done this yet.  Night time is for a fun expensive dinner and a combo bar/club. A lot of people will be trickling in Friday night so be someplace accessible and make sure you are reachable by cell.

Saturday should enable people to sleep a little and then do activities made for everyone together – grabbing a cabana by one of the pools or destroying your boys in paintball.  Leave a little late afternoon time to chill, be it at the hotel bar or in the room. The Saturday dinner is the big one.  That should be the longest with time for a good Bachelor roast and lots of steak and lots of drinking. After dinner, hit up the clubs and followed by, shall we say, the other “clubs.”

Sunday should just be sleep in, chill, pack, eat a meal, and be off.  Unless of course, you’ve chosen one of the special locales for Sunday daytime activities, like in Vegas of SF.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

If you’re bringing 'gals' to the hotel (as opposed to going to the gentlemen’s club), get very selective recommendations before (either from a friend or the hotel bellhop or valet), ask for photos, and verify up front.  Quality rules here.  And you probably want 2-3 ladies if possible (there is always one guy who will monopolize one of the girls).  Tip well and perhaps they’ll stick around.  If people are ready for other activities, just pay up and ask them kindly to beat it.  Separately, keep very close track of receipts that were paid by you or others on behalf of the group and remind people regularly.  Lastly, book a sweet ride to/from activities to make it that much better.