AlcoHAWK Breathalyzer

The Good: 

Simple, slim, inexpensive, can prevent a head full of pain, and is fairly entertaining.

The Bad: 

Pulling out a breathalyzer at the bar is a massive party foul, but getting to the bathroom could be a chore.

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How much should you pay: No more than $30.

Best For: Avoiding hangovers and leading the charge to breakfast -- which you’ll eat an hour before dinner.

AlcoHAWK Breathalyzer


There are really three reasons you’d need a breathalyzer on a bachelor party: 1) You could be driving; 2) You want to avoid a headache so you can enjoy the sun tomorrow afternoon when you wake up at 5pm; and 3) It’s pretty fun to compare (but don’t aim too high as that leads to trouble). The likelihood that you’ll be driving back to your lodgings after a night of heavy boozing is not high, unless you’re so wasted you think you live in a time before the invention of taxis. However, the possibility you will get a headache the size of Utah is a reality. This breathalyzer is discrete and dummy-proof and can inform you when you are, in fact, too drunk to go on.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Buy extra mouthpieces. Who knows where your friends have been.