American Wedding

The Good: 

For the Mad Men fans out there, this was January Jones’ breakout role.

The Bad: 

It’s not nearly as good as American Pie.

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Year Released: 2003

Tagline: “This time they’re going all the way.”

Runtime: 96 minutes

Estimated Gross: $231,002,553, Worldwide (March 2011 - IMDB)

Stars: Shannon Elizabeth, Jerry O'Connell, Jake Busey, Jaime Pressly

American Wedding

American Pie is far and away the best of the series, but American Wedding actually has a lot more to do with weddings and bachelor parties. You’ve still got the good young cast, a bunch of funny lines, hilarious scenes -- including the bachelor party gone wrong -- and some good guy bonding moments. Surprisingly the best man, Bachelor, and bachelor party attendees can learn a lot from the Stiff-meister and his cohorts. Because we know you’re still childish and immature, “Steve Stifler: Hey, Finch, what's the capital of Thailand? [Hits Finch in the groin] Steve Stifler: Bang-cock.”

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Avoid the pitfalls from this bachelor party! For instance, never have the bachelor party at the Bachelor’s house in case the bride’s parents should show up unexpectedly and interrupt the French maid’s cleaning.