The Good: 

Solid choice, a well-balanced bachelor party.

The Bad: 

Not a whole lot bad about Austin. Some simply say it doesn’t go off like a Vegas or Miami.

Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

B10 Overall Ranking: 7.75. Austin is an underrated and rising city for bachelor parties.

Hotels: 8. Quite good for the money.

Restaurants: 7.5. If you like Steak, BBQ, and Tex Mex, you’ve come to the right place.

Bars: 8.5. Fun nightlife, particularly the fantastic music scene.

Club: 7. Bars rule, but you can find your spot.

Gentlemen’s Clubs: 7. The girls are certainly nice, TX attractive, and plentiful. But not a strong suit, especially when some don’t let female patrons in.

Daytime Activities: 8. Solid activities ranging from golf to UT Longhorns sports.

Price: $$



Texas is basically a totally other country.  And Austin is far and away the best city there to visit.  Especially for your bachelor party.

You’ll find relatively good weather for much of the year.  The food is off the charts for its specialties of BBQ and Tex Mex.  The hospitality of the locals is to die for, including the nice Texas gals who might want a break from the cowboys for a weekend with you.   Plus, prices are relatively tame across the board.

Plus the nightlife is a great mix of drinking, music (from local to touring acts), dancing, and fun.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

If you go during one of the big music festivals be prepared to book early, spend a lot, and miss out on a lot of the local flavor as it’s overrun with tourists (which can be good & bad; just know what you’re getting).