The Best Man

The Good: 

Nia Long. “Do you know how many fine, single women are going to be at this wedding? It’s gonna be a ho-asis up in there.”

The Bad: 

It can lean towards being a bit of a chick flick.

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Year Released: 1999

Runtime: 120 minutes

Estimated Gross: $34,074,895, U.S. (Jan. 2000 - IMDB)

Stars: Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Terrence Howard, Willie C. Carpenter, Morris Chestnut

The Best Man


There aren’t nearly enough movies focused more on the best man than the Bachelor. There also aren’t a ton of bachelor party-suitable movies featuring black actors. This one combines the two.

You’ve got a great cast with Taye Diggs and Terence Howard, some honeys (Nia Long and Mia Calhoun, among others), some great tips (and more problems to avoid for the best man), and great lines like “I am a pimp, so my future looks mighty bright, thank you very much.”

Bachelor10 Tip: 

You probably shouldn’t accept the Best Man role if you’ve slept with the Bachelor’s bride-to-be. Particularly if it wasn’t before your supposed best friend met her.