Blame It - Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain

The Good: 

Not with perfect 10's yet?  Fill another cup up and you'll be saying "I was unaware / how fine you was / before my buzz set in..."

The Bad: 

Unless you're T-Pain, we don't recommend talking to the ladies hanging out with their boyfriends-- unless you really want to kick it like Judo."

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Album: Intuition (2009)

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

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Blame It - Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain

You’re going to do a lot of different things at your bachelor party. Some of these things will not be normal everyday behavior.  Everyone knows this. What’s your excuse? Alcohol, of course. Thank God Jamie Foxx and pals created this track and gave it to the world in 2009, because it says exactly what guys have been thinking so many times since cave men invented liquor, but have just been too loose from the Goose to say.  
Bachelor10 Tip: 

Don’t sweat it if you get a little drink spilled on you, or if the seats in your ride get a little wet.  If you want to blame it on the liquor, everyone else gets to blame it too.