The Good: 

Nobody is going to be left out and everybody is going to get drunk.

The Bad: 
Not the most hygienic solution to drinking. It inspires tons of terrible jokes, often at the expense of any Asian friends at the party.
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How much Should You Pay? $44.99

Best For: Pre-gaming in the room or entertaining during the after-party.


Efficiency is what makes a great bachelor party click. Everybody coordinating their rides to the airport so nobody misses their flight. Scheduling time to meet in the lobby before dinner so everybody can walk to dinner together. Inserting a tracking device onto the bachelor when he isn’t looking.

Efficiently getting drunk, however, has remained unchanged for years. No more! Bongzilla, the aptly named party monster, resourcefully helps up to six friends chug up to 12 beers in less time than it takes for a married guy to disappear in a strip club.
Bachelor10 Tip: 
These things aren’t made by NASA so expect it to last one party.