Day ‘N’ Nite - Kid Cudi

The Good: 

The beats in this joint will have your whole crew on their feet, hands in the air, even the “lonely stoner.”

The Bad: 

Don’t get caught shadow-dancing with imaginary ladies when you’re back on the job after the bachelor party.

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Album: Man on the Moon: The End of Day (2008) (original version)

Genre: Electronica/Dance

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Day ‘N’ Nite - Kid Cudi

Your bachelor party is supposed to give you an excuse to live out some of those fantasies you can’t act on every day.  The days and nights before the party, the days and nights after, you just “toss and turn” and “keep stress in your mind,” all for the “silly game we play.”  When the party finally rolls around, you get to free your mind from the everyday.  Just like in the video for Crookers’ party rocking 2009 remix of “Day ‘N’ Nite,” the only cops you meet should be a few minutes away from letting their hair down and dancing for you.
Bachelor10 Tip: 

It’s great to dance to this one, but even better when someone else is doing the dancing.  See if you can find a lady in uniform to come to your aid.