Don’t Drink Til You Ruin the Party

The Good: 

Getting hammered just up until the point where you make a spectacle of yourself and give your buddies something to laugh at is perfectly acceptable. As long as no one has to drag you to the hospital you’ll be the life of the party!

The Bad: 

Getting so faded you miss key events like the dinner roast, particularly when you’re the best man, is a major NO NO. We’ve seen this happen.

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The Ugly: Getting sloshed to the point that you get belligerent and throw a glass at one of your buddies is unacceptable! Oh, and intra-party brawls resulting from the thrown glass is just plain childish. Keep it together, boys.

Don’t Drink Til You Ruin the Party


We’ve all been there. You’re getting drunk with your buddies, having a blast, and then someone goes over the edge by breaking something, getting thrown out, initiating a fight, and then some. You can be forgiven for doing something like that on a random night back in your hometown of Cleveland, but the Bachelor Party is all about the Bachelor. Remember that and remind your buddies to control their booze intake for at least one night of their life.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Instead of lining up shot after shot for your buddies, pace yourself. Buy a female onlooker a drink and invite her friends to join the festivities. In other words, provide something else to do other than pound beers. You may want to designate a Chief Party Officer to keep things under control and not ruin the night for the Bachelor.