Don’t Get Arrested

The Good: 

There’s nothing good about getting arrested, unless the “cop” happens to be of the busty variety and is about to “subpoena” the Bachelor’s “piece.”

The Bad: 

It will ruin the weekend for those that get arrested, and likely for those that don’t as they search and try to bail the guy(s) out. And, if the Bachelor himself goes to the pen for a night, don’t rest until you’ve freed him. Nothing is worse than a bunch of bros who have forsaken their comrade in arms.

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The Ugly: Picture this: the Bachelor can’t get a job for the next three years because of his arrest record. Then picture this: the Bachelor can’t sit down for a month because of the night he spent in a cell with a gentleman known locally as “Big Bob.”

Don’t Get Arrested


It might make for a funny story at some point, but it’s simply not worth it. It creates sheer chaos, a record, and likely an unfortunate story to tell the folks back home. The worst story we’ve ever heard was a groom whose arraignment (in Vegas) was set for the day of the rehearsal dinner (in Maine). Make sure everyone goes wild, but stops just short of “buckwild.” There is absolutely no reason any of your friends should draw the ire of the five-oh, unless of course some idiot in a bar insults the Bachelor. Then it’s probably time to throw down.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Explain to everyone up front that they should have a good time, but that the Bachelor has specifically requested a few things, this (and others on this list) being one of them.