Don’t Leave the Bachelor Alone

The Good: 

You can leave the Bachelor in his own bed, with his thoughts in the bathroom, but preferably not under a young lady. Don’t let this amazing weekend ruin a perfectly good marriage before it’s even begun.

The Bad: 

Anything you do this weekend should be about the Bachelor. And, you didn’t travel from Memphis to Las Vegas to sit in the hotel and allow the Bachelor to lose his rent money at blackjack while you and your buddies napped. Keep on eye on that guy.

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The Ugly: Definitely don’t let a hammered Bachelor wander off on his own.  That spells Trouble with a capital T. We’ve heard about stories of fights, injuries, lost wallets, and cancelled marriages. Not to mention arrests. You want to be the guy to call the bride-to-be and tell her you let her future hubby got thrown into the back of a paddy wagon?

Don’t Leave the Bachelor Alone


It’s called a “Bachelor Party” for a reason; a party for, with, and (partly) by the Bachelor. Don’t forget it. Going off on your own for a little is okay; we know you’re just chasing tail. But make sure someone has the Bachelor’s back. The last thing you want is for the Bachelor to find himself crying in his room at the thought of never being able to take a trip out of town with his male friends again, going downstairs to the hotel bar and getting hammered, and ending up in the drunk tank after he is arrested for being intoxicated in public. Again, we’ve seen this happen.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

The Best Man is in charge, but make sure someone has his back. Talk about contingency plans before the debauchery and stay organized, but keep an eye on the Bachelor. He’s like a babe in the woods during this weekend. Guide him to safety, friends.