Don’t Destroy the Hotel Room

The Good: 

You can take the money you would have spent paying for the blood stains on the carpet and use it to buy another lap dance. And another. And Another.

The Bad: 

A broken lamp: $200. A broken window: $500. Your buddy’s memories of his Bachelor party: Worthless.

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The Ugly: A ripped painting or something else the hotel considers a lot more valuable. This is a check your body can’t cash. 

Don’t Destroy the Hotel Room


As fun as this might seem at the time, it will cost a fortune and end the Bachelor’s weekend with disaster and a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. We know you like to party like rockstars, and when Ozzy Osbourne goes on tour it’s a requisite for him to roast a goat on a spit in the hotel bedroom before gluing the furniture to the ceiling. You’re not The Prince of Darkness and you don’t have a bank account in a country called Switzerland. So, unless you want to get stuck with a gigantic bill, or worse, risk getting kicked out of the hotel entirely, it’s probably best to make sure the only thing that gets broken is your ego and the only thing that dies is your pride.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Spend as little time in the room as possible. You’re not in this party for rest and relaxation, you’re there to have fun! Go forth, young man, cause trouble. Just do it elsewhere.