Executive Marshmallow Blaster

The Good: 

A fun, lighthearted way to shoot your friends full of sugary goodness. Also, comes with a bag full of ammo.

The Bad: 

No laser scope? No sniper ability? No automatic capability?

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How much you should pay: Around $20.

Best For: Being goofy when the goofs are running short.

Executive Marshmallow Blaster

We can think of a number of scenarios when an air-powered gun that shoots marshmallows 30 feet could be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re looking to get crazy with your friends but always put safety first, the kind a glock just can’t provide with regularity, pretend you’re Ah-nuld in Terminator 2 and give them a mallow sandwich right in the gut. Extra points if anyone catches a direct shot in the mouth.
Bachelor10 Tip: 

After use, remember to throw the Blaster in the dishwasher. Don’t worry, it’s dishwasher safe.