Flights - How will you get there?

The Good: 

Virgin America tends to be the coolest experience; Southwest tends to be the least expensive and have the most options, particularly in the SW USA. Try to avoid Carl’s Airlines and Carpet Cleaning.

The Bad: 

People will be coming from all over usually, so it may be hard to coordinate.

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Flights - How will you get there?


Once you’ve locked down the time and place, it’s time to book your flights.

It can sometimes help to book your and the Bachelor’s flight first so that you can be more precise in the details, but occasionally someone will have a good idea on how to save some money, so your call on this.

Send out an email to the crew who’s still likely going (Note: not until his flight is actually booked is anyone truly committed) with the final details of when and where.  Be as precise as you can.  Give people a window when they should arrive and when the Bachelor will arrive.  For the return, remind people not to book too early on Sunday (ideally after noon) so they can enjoy Saturday night more, and give a suggested window.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Book the Best Man’s and Bachelor’s flights ahead of everyone else and then everybody else will fall in line around the same flights or at least same times. It also helps to coordinate rides, which is discussed here.