Flip Ultra III HD Handheld Camcorder

The Good: 

With two hours of recording time, eight gigs of storage, and editing software included, the Flip Cam is an essential piece of your bachelor party gear.

The Bad: 

It’s a digital video camera, so if it’s dropped in a gin and tonic, it will no longer work. Plus, the entire line is getting discontinued (as smartphones with video more now), but that means good deals on it.

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How much should you pay: No more than $199.

Best For: Discrete video recording so easy you can use it after five shots of Wild Turkey. Then post it to YouTube after the sixth.

Flip Ultra III HD Handheld Camcorder


This ain’t your daddy’s video camera. The magic of the Flip Ultra is its simplicity. Open the box, drop in the battery, shoot, download, edit, and publish to YouTube and you can forever immortalize you and your buddies drunkenly racing golf carts on 18th hole. The Flip Ultra combines HD resolution with a user interface so simple your grandma could be your party’s videographer. Sure, most phones have cameras these days, but do you want your friends passing around your iPhone and risk having them see your wife’s reminder to not stare at the cocktail waitresses’ chest?

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Though you can stylize the appearance of your Flip Ultra, get a black one. Be a badass.