Get the Bachelor’s Preferences

The Good: 

A decisive Bachelor can help.  Or - even better - one who simply is up for anything.

The Bad: 

A wishy washy Bachelor who can’t decide needs to buck up and be a man or step out of the way.  Tell him in a nice way, of course, as you are his Best Man (for now…).

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Get the Bachelor’s Preferences


The bachelor party is ALL about the Bachelor. So talk to him about his preferences...

Where does he want to go?  Does he want to hit the Dirty South of New Orleans or the sinful city of Las Vegas? Maybe he wants to visit our neighbors to the north in Montreal or just spend his final hurrah in the City the Never Sleeps, New York.  (Click here for more info on where.)

What does he want to do and what does he want to avoid at all costs?  Some guys (not the B10 guys; but some) prefer no gentlemen’s clubs or “dancers” and may want to just chill with his buddies.  While others may want to go hogwild and party like it’s 1999.  Check out a recent interview with our own David on the subject here.  (Click here for more info on activities.)

Who does he want included?  Does the future bride’s brother have to attend like in The Hangover?  Will his high school and college friends get along?  Does he want a 4 person, wolfpack-type bachelor party, or a more inclusive 20+ event?  (Click here for more on who.)

Bachelor10 Tip: 

The Best Man (with the Bachelor’s guidance) is in charge, so set the tone early and limit people to a couple choices or even just tell the crew the agenda and let them decide if they’re in. Once you’ve made some key decisions, you can involve a bunch of the others, some of whom might have some hook ups and additional ideas to consider.