Get the F**k Out of Dodge

The Good: 

Hopefully this will be the groom’s only Bachelor Party. Will it be memorable if you go to the same Red Lobster he’s been going to since he was a kid? No one loves popcorn shrimp that much.

The Bad: 

Sure, getting on a plane and bunking in a hotel can be pricey, but if you look at sites like TravelZoo and search far enough in advance you will find deals that will make a group-trip with intelligently negotiated rates doable. This is your best friend, and his youth is effectively over. You owe him. You owe him big.

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The Ugly: You do opt to stay in your hometown for the weekend. You head to the Bachelor’s favorite dive bar after dinner and he proceeds to do body shots off the ample bosom of his fifth grade girlfriend who happens to be the cocktail waitress. In walks the Bachelorette party. Again, game over.

Get the F**k Out of Dodge


Do not do the Bachelor Party in the Bachelor’s hometown. Period. There are way too many potential obstacles and issues; as well as way too much fun to be had traveling elsewhere. Even a tame party with zero alcohol consumption and adult entertainment that amounts to an R-rated thriller at the multiplex will be more fun if you diminish the chances the Bachelor may run into his fifth grade math teacher... or his bride’s parents. If you’re at a loss for how to throw a tame party, rent a house with your buddies near the water, charter a fishing boat, and throw your catch on the barbie at night before a rousing game of Wiffle Ball.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Bachelor Parties should take up the whole weekend, but even if they’re just one night, leave your little hamlet in upstate New York for the debauchery. This isn’t the 19th century, you all have access to cars. Get in them, drive, and for heaven’s sake, go camping. Just do something without the distractions of home.