Gettin' Over You - David Guetta and Chris Willis featuring Fergie

The Good: 

“I’m ‘a party, and party, and party, and pa and pa and party...” just about sums it up. Do we need to explain that to you? Didn’t think so.

The Bad: 

If you start thinking “All the things I know right now, if I only knew back then,” just remember: what happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party.

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Album: One Love (2010)

Genre: Electronica/Dance

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Gettin' Over You - David Guetta and Chris Willis featuring Fergie


At Bachelor10 we recognize that even at the height of the party, the Bachelor (or maybe one of his entourage) could let his mind wander back to certain ladies not present for the festivities.  Let this track capture the sappy moment and then refocus his mind back on the party at hand.  Better yet, put a few new lovely ladies in front of him and transform that moment into a memory from the bachelor party itself.  The next time he hears “there’s no getting over, no getting over, just no getting over you,” he’ll have something much better to think about. 

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Focus on the party in front of you, not the party back home.  It’s all right to jump around a little bit too, just not to House of Pain levels.