Home Poker Manager

The Good: 

Great way to get the gang back together once a month when you’ve all succumbed to marriage too.

The Bad: 

Remarkably low-tech. Where are we, Fenway Park?

Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

How much should you pay: No more than $59.

Best For: Getting the game moving so you can get moving.

Home Poker Manager

You’re getting ready to go out and hit the town and you have the urge to throw back a few, eat some pretzels & pizza, speak crudely about the softer gender, and school your friends with your flush in a rousing game of Texas Hold ‘Em. This handy kit will time each round, notify you when to raise the blinds, and tell you how many chips your buddy’s squirrely future brother-in-law should have on the table. Best of all, the Home Poker Manager can calculate how long your game should take so you can actually hit the town instead of ending up bored and tired in your skivvies waiting for your steady-as-she-goes friends to go all in.
Bachelor10 Tip: 

Every time the Poker Manager tells you to raise the blinds yell, “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king!”