Hotels - Where will you stay?

The Good: 

Booking in a group is really helpful.  It keeps everyone in one place so you won’t lose people, it’s easier on the group, and you can usually get a much better rate.

The Bad: 

If any people bail last minute, they should be on the hook if they’ve already committed.  Hotels are often expensive so be ready for a couple complainers.  If you warn people in advance it helps.

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Hotels - Where will you stay?


The Hangover had Caeser’s Palace. Bachelor Party had the Biltmore Hotel. A Guy Thing had... actually who gives a crap what A Guy Thing had? The point is, every great bachelor party starts with a great home base. It sets the tone for the weekend, gives you a safe place to crash, and a provides a warm shower to wash away the sin.

So, after you’ve confirmed where you're headed and who’s likely in… there are a few things to think about:

1) You’ll want to find a hotel that actually caters to groups.
2) Aim for central to the hub of the city and activities you’re partaking in.  Otherwise, cabs and limos, and even driving comes into the mix more than it has to.
3) Try to get at least two to a room, if not four (if you’re trying to save money).  Request rollaways, too,
4) Get a suite for the Bachelor.  A bunch of you can stay there. So can new “friends”.
5) Call up and ask for Group Sales to get a block of rooms, try to negotiate better pricing (including ground transport and possibly meals/activities), and keep track of it as there are often last minute deals.

Most importantly, do your research on B10’s hotels pages!  For instance, check out hotels in Las VegasNew Orleans, and Los Angeles, now (and more to come soon)!

Bachelor10 Tip: 

There are a few sites out there that can help with group rates.  We're in the midst of a deal with one so check back soon for cool ideas on savings.