iPod Ghetto Blaster

The Good: 

Throw on a Speedo, walk down the line with this on your shoulder blasting ‘80’s hip-hop, and you are bound to be noticed.

The Bad: 

The sound quality is fair, so don’t go ruining Beethoven’s Ninth for the crew.

Vote Up/Down:
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How much should you pay: No more than $169.

Best For: Playing your part as the “Peacock” of the group who makes a spectacle of himself and gets the attention of others.

iPod Ghetto Blaster


It’s a given, you will need tunes. And you will need them loud. And you do not want to worry about your Ton-Loc tapes melting in the sun. Fortunately, Lasonic makes an iPod dock plus speakers cleverly disguised as the Ghetto Blaster you wanted as a kid (but settled for a Boom Box, since you grew up in the suburbs). Time to relive your dreams, ‘80’s style.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Bring batteries. Lots and lots of D batteries.