Kentucky Derby

The Good: 

Drinking, gambling, sports, tailgating, girls in sundresses… need we go on??  The Kentucky Derby is all of that and then some.

The Bad: 

It can be a little uppity, but most people consider that classy. You can always hit the chaos of the infield, which certainly brings some riff-raff, if that’s what you’re seeking.

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Location: Louisville, KY, USA

Date: 1st Saturday in May

Party Type: Horserace & huge tailgate party

Cost: $$ (doesn’t have to be too expensive)


Preparations: Brush up on your horse racing speak to sound in the know – “An exacta box in the 5th on the 2 & 4,” “She blew the turn,” or “We eased into the backside” (seriously, backside means the stable area!).

What to Bring: Shades, a seersucker suit, bright colors (pink and baby blue tend to attract the ladies), lyrics to “My Old Kentucky Home,” and money to wager.

Other top parties here: Stick to the Derby here. This weekend is also New Orleans Jazz Fest and near Cinco de Mayo... watch out!

Kentucky Derby

The Derby, as those in the know refer to it, is a series of events culminating in an incredible Saturday where you experience many of the vices that make a bachelor party great.

Kentucky invented Bourbon, which helps make the official Derby drink into a surprisingly good and potent mint julep. Horseracing is one of the only legal forms of gambling in the USA outside of casinos. And the southern ladies love dressing up for their favorite day of the year, giving them a reason to day drink before a night of fun.

Plus, there are lead-up parties including - if you get in really early and want to go big ($300 big) - Taste of Derby on Thursday night for some high-end fun.

The Kentucky Derby won’t disappoint.

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Bachelor10 Tip: 

Pick out the shrimp in your group and tell all the ladies that he’s a jockey. Hey, it’s really not that mean; it’ll probably double his chances!