Los Angeles

The Good: 

If you like the scene, warm weather, outdoors, and don’t mind some of the drawbacks below, LA puts on a good bachelor party.

The Bad: 

Traffic (smog & tough to get around with a big group), lines (velvet ropes and absurd rules/lists to hotspots), and cost can be prohibitive.

Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

B10 Overall Rating: 7.  Great spot for the weather, outdoors, and those in the know.

Hotels: 5. Can be cool and fun, but pricey, so renting a shared house might be an option.

Restaurants: 9. Great, diverse food.

Bars: 7. Fun bars in most neighborhoods ranging from on the beach to Sunset Boulevard, with good talent hanging around.

Clubs: 7. Tons of fun options - generally high end, but expensive and often tough to get into, particularly with large groups.

Gentlemen’s Clubs: 8. Some of the hotter gals in the world live in LA, including wannabe actresses/models who need to pay the rent.

Daytime Activities: 9. Surfing, perfect weather, Dodger dogs, and bikinis.  Yum.

Price: $$$$

Los Angeles


Los Angeles can be a blast. You’ve got the beach or the club scene and can make just about anything happen with B10’s help.

A near-perfect climate enables LA to be chosen year-round. Daytime activities abound with surfing, golf, and baseball. The food is among the tastiest this country has to offer, including great spots for groups like your bachelor party crew. And you don’t have to be a scout to spot the talent out here.

The scene, however, can be challenging given all the lines, hard to access hotspots, and high maintenance ladies. But staying at one of our recommended cool & elite hotels – if you can afford it – allows for some ridiculous parties and their concierges can often help with the other issues.

For the right group, LA rocks.

For more details on this great city by category (eg, hotels, bars), see summaries in the quick fix box to the right and then check out our fuller Bachelor10 lists HERE.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

There’s sometimes a problem of access as clubs are tough with all dudes, so make sure to call well in advance and be prepared to shell out some cash.