MeElectronics M9 Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating Earphones

The Good: 

Inexpensive, yet shockingly high fidelity.

The Bad: 

The bass can be overpowering. Plus these earbuds are not the most comfortable product on the market.

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How much should you pay: $20

Best For: Trying to grab some shut-eye while others are horsing around til dawn.

MeElectronics M9 Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating Earphones


Here’s the scene: you’re in the RV, making a Friday night drive from San Francisco to Vegas, and your friends have moved to shots. Chaos ensues, but you need sleep if you’re going to be in fighting shape for the weekend’s festivities. You don’t panic, ‘cause you’ve got noise canceling headphones and a loop of white noise you downloaded to your iPod. MeElectronics makes surprisingly high quality earbuds that will allow you to filter out the groom’s weeping and his best man’s girlish screams of delight at the prospect of a weekend of debauchery. You drive on, into the night, lost in the sounds of white noise followed by Katy Perry, your friends none the wiser.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

No need for the alternate model with the built-in microphone. Save your calls to your mom for Monday morning.