The Good: 

Solid spot with a fun nightlife, attractive ladies, Terence and Philip, and the Canadian dollar.  

The Bad: 

You’re pretty limited to the summer months as it can get nipply even in early October. Plus it’s international which could turn some off.

Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

B10 Overall Rating: 7.5. A fun time to be had by all, especially at all of the clubs!

Hotels: 7. Decent, though on the older side.

Restaurants: 7.5. Pretty good food with an assortment of options like any major city, but don’t go expecting NYC or Vegas.

Bars: 8. Lots of bars, tons of fun, and a unique mix of people to mingle with.

Clubs: 8.5. Rocking scene, wide variety, and attractive ladies looking to party.

Gentlemen’s Clubs: 9. Now we’re talking.

Daytime Activities: 9. Great outdoor music, beer, and food festivals make up for the small window of good weather.

Price: $$$



If your bachelor party seeks international intrigue, think about hitting Montreal. During the summer months, there are plenty of outdoor activities, including a great Jazz Festival with hoards of people.  The girls boast the best hotness-to-friendliness ratio we’ve ever seen, so even the fat ass of the group might have a shot.  This makes the nightlife, including those famed gentlemen’s clubs quite interesting.  On that note, even though the prices have risen since the dawn of the $3 entrance and $7 lap dance, it’s still got the French-Canadian talent and, um, loose morals.

So make sure people bring their passports (just in case), polish off your French (merde), go big, and enjoy.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Try to book the rooms well in advance as the other tourists are also limited to the summer months... therefore the hotels can get crowded, especially during the fun festivals.