New Orleans Jazz Fest

The Good: 

Scrumptious food, amazing bands, lax laws including drinking in the street, fun drinks ranging from hand grenades to hurricanes, female tourists looking to get loose, and then some.

The Bad: 

It can get hot at the fairgrounds all day, so some people believe in not drinking too much, if at all, but sticking to mostly water to rehydrate.  We call them wimps. Bring a water bottle and you’ll be OK.

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Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Date: Last weekend in April & first weekend in May

Party Type: Jazz Festival (in case the title up top threw you)

Cost: $$ (priced hyped but not too too bad if you book early enough)


Preparations: Once they release the schedules a few months in advance figure out 1st or 2nd weekend by looking up which bands you want to see.

What to Bring: Beads (a mix of elaborate to crappy; though you can buy there for more $).

Other top parties here: Mardi Gras (usually in February).

New Orleans Jazz Fest

Mardi Gras or JazzFest for a bachelor party? Well if you’re <27 then Mardi Gras works, but it’s crazier, more touristy (especially if you don’t know natives), a “sh!tsh@w” that wives will object to, and you should be hitting Rio Carnival if you’re free then.

JazzFest is easier to navigate, still an unbelievable time, and has more for everyone.

It’s New Orleans at its finest. Morning = awesome brunch (eg, Brennan’s). Afternoon = fairgrounds for some amazing bands, terrific food, and good drinks. Night = lavish or divey dinners at the best Cajun spots around, followed by either the ridiculousness of Bourbon Street (one night) OR another round of concerts.


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Bachelor10 Tip: 

Once you think you’re going book every early (especially hotels).  You can always cancel/change later.  Click HERE for some good hotel ideas for your bachelor party.


Also, NOLA Jazz Fest is NOT just jazz (headliners have included everything from Vedder to Springsteen to Foo Fighters to Shaggy). Make sure to hit the gospel tent and the native bands Cowboy Mouth or Trombone Shorty for great, moving experiences.