New York City

The Good: 

Normal weekends in NYC beat most cities’ best weekends. With so many options; if a place is “off” just move on til you find your fun.

The Bad: 

NYC groups often have to stay in different places and thus the Bachelor's wolf pack isn't as cohevsive as he might like.

Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

B10 Overall Rating: 7.  The city never sleeps but it sure is expensive.

Hotels:  3. Ton, but definitely over-the-top expensive, small, crowded, and often older.

Restaurants:  10. As diverse as the women, the only place that actually beats Vegas.

Bars: 10. No place on the planet can match NYC for its bar scene.

Clubs: 8.5. Fantastic clubs, just plan ahead, dress to impress, and have a stash of cash.

Gentlemen’s Clubs: 8. Quality and quantity better than most, but not Vegas nor fully nude.

Daytime Activities: 6. Surprising number of cool daytime activities, but you’ll probably sleep through most of them anyway.

Price: $$$$

New York City


New York City is hands down one of the greatest cities in the world.  And it’s most certainly in the top five, if not top three, for a bachelor party destination. 

You’ve got the sheer number of people (including a great girl to guy ratio) as well as enough venues to satisfy any taste or budget.  And those venues are off-the-charts fantastic as they have to be good to last in this competitive town.  You can literally trip over awesome bars, clubs, and restaurants there are so many, and somehow there are usually women crawling throughout each one. Pick your poison based on location, feel, and price.

There’s always something going on as the city never sleeps so your Bachelor will have the time of his life.

For more details on this great city by category (eg, hotels, bars), see summaries in the quick fix box to the right and then check out our fuller Bachelor10 lists HERE.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

You surely know some people who live in NYC so reach out for some hook ups at some hotspots or bringing in some ladies.