Oktoberfest in Munich Germany

The Good: 

Possibly the best beers you’ll ever drink, drunkest you’ll ever get, and best time you’ll probably never remember.

The Bad: 

Dudes, lots of them.  Ladies, not as much; unless you count the German Beer Maids in their fantastic cleavage-creating outfits.

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Location: Munich, Germany

Date: ~17 days long; from mid September – early October

Party Type: Drinking Fair.

Cost: $$$ (Germany is only close for Europeans organizing for a stag party)

Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oktoberfest

Preparations: Learn how to say cheers with beers in German (Prost!), watch the Broken Lizard classic drinking comedy Beerfest, and get your liver in gear.

What to Bring: Your passport, lederhosen, and a hefty beer tolerance.

Other top parties here: Oktoberfest is far and away the best.

Oktoberfest in Munich Germany

Want to have a great time in a foreign country drinking with five million new friends? Hit Munich in the fall for Oktoberfest, simply the best beer festival in the world.

Picture tent after tent, teeming with people from all over the world, clinking beer mugs, ordering brews from attractively-bussomed beer wenches, singing at the top of their lungs, and getting sloshed. 

Add in terrific beer food like wurst, kraut, brezn, spatzle, and eisbein...  Sorry got carried away - that’s sausage, cabbage, huge pretzels, and massive pork knuckles.  Yum, seriously.

Munich is a terrific city with amazing beer gardens, fun people, and the best brew party called simply Oktoberfest.

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Bachelor10 Tip: 

Safety-wise, figure out a way to attach your phone and belongings to yourself as every year 100s of people lose their, um, stuff.  Unclear if it’s because of pickpockets or being drunk; but we lean towards “user error.”

More importantly, take a couple hours “off” to be “worldly” in the English Gardens. See the scenery, check out the man-made surfing wave Eisbach, and have a pint with some great grub in the Chinese Tower beer garden.