Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

The Good: 

By planning beforehand everyone will save on costs you’ll be able to do more with your time. Perhaps most importantly, the Bachelor will have a stress free good time.

The Bad: 

People will break off and do their own thing if some are interested in a bit of leisure time that requires a Platinum Card rather than your debit card.

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The Ugly: On a Bachelor Party, there’s the potential to do some stupid things if you’re not careful with how you spend your money. Probably a good idea not to go to the Champagne Room more than once (or with more than one dancer at a time) and when playing cards, know when to say when.

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish


Prepare your agenda around what the Bachelor would like people to have to pay. Bachelor parties can run from $100 into the $1000’s very easily. Tell people in advance what they can expect to spend and enable them to opt-out of certain events if they prove too costly. If you spend a ton of money without warning people, don’t expect others to cover it. People also need to know what to wear and what to bring. Plan your agenda carefully and share it in advance so those on a budget are not blindsided by the trip to the restaurant that only serves Kobe beef, caviar, and Don Perignon. A Bachelor Party is not worth missing car payments, even if the Kobe beef is mind-altering.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Check menus and rates in advance. Where possible negotiate group discounts for hotels, restaurants, daytime activities, and even airlines in some cases.