The Good: 

Nearly everything.  Price, activities, fun, cost, girls… need we keep going?  Just go.

The Bad: 

Hmmmm, not a whole lot though it doesn’t have the massive club/party scene of a Vegas.

Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

B10 Overall Rating: 8. What’s not to like?

Hotels: 8. Not enough people know about how great these resorts in the desert are.

Restaurants: 7.5. Tex Mex at its best, plus plenty of other options.

Bars: 8. If you like ‘em young or silicone, you’ve come to the right place.  ASU students and alumni create a bevy of beauties all over.

Clubs: 7. Decent scene with the added bonus of the outdoor section.

Gentlemen’s Clubs: 8. An increasing number, at reasonable prices, and good looking southwest gals.  But with Vegas so close, often missing the best.

Daytime Activities: 9. One of the best places, from golf to baseball spring training and more.

Price: $$



The greater Phoenix area (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Paradise Valley, etc) offers a lot of what you look for in a bachelor party and may continue to climb the B10 popularity list.

PHX offers perfect weather nearly year-round (even the hot summers still offer a dry heat so it’s really not that bad).  There’s lots of daytime activities -- especially golf -- and plenty of college and pro sports teams.  The food is solid and the nightlife is fun.  Arizona is also fairly accessible for most people coming from either coast, the south, or the midwest and it’s generally more affordable compared to some larger cities.

Oh yeah, and you’ll find tan, good looking bombshells everywhere.

For more details on this great city by category (eg, hotels, bars), see summaries in the quick fix box to the right and then check out our fuller Bachelor10 lists HERE.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

March is probably the best time to hit this southwest hotspot.  You can combine golf with Major League Baseball spring training in perfect weather to warm up from your winter.