Plan Ahead & Be Prepared

The Good: 

Give no one an excuse to say they didn’t know when to meet in the lobby, no matter how much wine they consumed after the daytime activity. By any means necessary. Tattoo the schedule on the wrist of the brother-in-law with a drinking problem if you have to.

The Bad: 

A bit of spontaneity is taken out of the weekend. You can make this up by adding in some “free time” to the schedule. Also, if your friends may refer to you as the “camp counselor" you can win them over by negotiating free cocktails at the hotel.

Vote Up/Down:
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The Ugly: Picture this: you don’t plan ahead and the groom has nothing to do. He fills the time by getting sloshed at 2pm and is passed in the bathroom for the remainder of the day. He hates you forever.

Plan Ahead & Be Prepared


Develop a Boy Scout mentality in your planning and develop strategies for every eventuality. Murphy’s Law will come into effect if you don’t plan your agenda carefully, solicit feedback from the group in advance, and make reservations. It takes time, yes, but showing up to the hottest steakhouse in town and trying to get a table for 15 on the spot is a gigantic No No. Call months in advance and make sure your reservations are confirmed the week before. No one wants to have to inform the groom your group has to go find a motel because your reservation to the hot boutique hotel was lost. Your friends may call you words like “anal” and “nerd” but they’ll thank you when you get right into the night club because you made sure to get bottle service and were therefore on the guest list.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Create an agenda in Google Docs. Print them out. Laminate them. Circulate them to the group.