Post Bachelor Party Wrap Up

The Good: 

Respect.  The Bachelor will appreciate it.  And you’ll get your money back!

The Bad: 

Just make sure people don’t get stupid with incriminating photos or stories.

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Post Bachelor Party Wrap Up


After you get home, there are several final items to take care of...

1) If you've allowed photos/videos (which are dicey), set up a place for people to upload photos to a flickr-like site and videos on youtube.  Remind everyone not to include anything incriminating, make them private, and only invite the crew.

2) Figure out the finances and what everyone owes.  Here’s are a couple options to use online:
Expensure OR Pay Divvy

3) Send out a thank you email with another congratulations to the Bachelor for surviving along with any details about photos, pics, $, and best stories or awards for the weekend’s debauchery.

4) Submit your best story to the @bachelorten Twitter account on Monday to try to win that week’s #B10Ace Award.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Putting the finishing touches on an awesome weekend just makes it all come together. Can you imagine cake without icing? Or a young lady dancer without the signature scent? Be different and memorable. Own being the Best Man.