Ride around in style

The Good: 

Rides can actually be a lot of fun if you bring your own entertainment, and sometimes a party van just has to be involved.

The Bad: 

All this transportation can add up so try to figure it out up front if possible and build it into the estimated totals.

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Ride around in style


Once you have the people, air, hotels, and activities nailed down, it’s time to organize rides.

This includes getting to and from airports, as well as activities throughout the weekend.  Ground transport is often an overlooked and thus surprising expense, so pay attention as we make it easy on you.

1) On a google doc (which you should make to help with organizing), create a place for people to include their airports & times so the crew can coordinate.

2) Call the hotel ahead and ask if they provide any car/van service, which is sometimes complimentary.  Remind them how many rooms you’ve booked (or ideally negotiate this earlier as noted in hotels). 

3) Ask the activity providers for recommendations on how to get there.

4) If needed, talk to the hotel concierge and book a limo, van or taxis. If you’re rolling to the Gentlemen’s Club, call ahead as limos can sometimes be provided for free.

5) Try not to rent a car unless necessary.  Usually it only leads to drinking and driving unless you have a Designated Driver, in which case get a big ol’ van!

Bachelor10 Tip: 

If you find an awesome driver, try to befriend him/her and get a phone number. It will be worth it; treat them well and they will take care of you… sometimes with hookups at various venues.  Also, bring a CD or iPod + connector to enjoy some tunes, including your Bachelor10 mix!