Satisfaction - Benny Benassi

The Good: 

“Push me, and then just touch me, till I can get my satisfaction.” Amen to that. Just remember, the Bachelor’s satisfaction comes first!

The Bad: 

After playing “Shots” and “Blame It,” you won’t be in any state to operate the aforementioned heavy machinery. You can still put the video on, of course, and let the professionals work the tools.

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Album: Hypnotica (2003)

Genre: Electronica/Dance

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Satisfaction - Benny Benassi


Once you've gotten the party started, it’s time to put in work.  “Satisfaction,” the Benny Benassi classic, is like a vodka Red Bull injected straight into your inner ear.  Drink the song down just one time and you’ll be ready to go for hours, especially in sequence with “99 Problems” and “In Da Club”.  And if the ladies at your party aren’t up to spec, put the video on along with the song and check out the construction equipment on display for “professional joinery,” “trench compacting,” “hammer action control,” and “ballast packing.”  Clean up in hardware!

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Finger-pointing and fist-pumping is the dance of choice for this one.  And be sure you cleaned up your browser history before you leave for your bachelor party so your lady back home doesn’t follow your trail.