Shots - LMFAO featuring Lil' Jon

The Good: 

“The ladies love us, when we pour shots … we fi’n’ to get crunk, how ‘bout you?” Seems pretty logical.

The Bad: 

A few too many and you may be doing some things that will definitely have to stay at the bachelor party.  No matter though, just “Blame It” on the liquor.

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Album: The Black Album (2004)

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

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Shots - LMFAO featuring Lil' Jon


True to LMFAO’s claims, “Shots” is rated PR.  That’s for Party Rocking.  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out the main point of this jam from the Party Rock Crew: the lyrics consist of about 120 words, and 100 of them are “shots.”  Get some potent potables, put them on ice, put this song on, pour the round, and then put ‘em back.  Simple.  Then, like LMFAO says, “Bottoms up, let’s go round two...”  If this isn’t made for bachelor parties, we’re not sure what is.  Shots, shots, shots-shot-shot, shots, shots, shots-shot-shot, shots, shots, shots-shot-shot, shots!  Everybody...

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Before you kick off the bachelor party with the first round of shots, give a heartfelt speech about how your wolfpack is growing, like in The Hangover.