Sundance Film Festival

The Good: 

Be the first to see the “undiscovered” gem, skiing especially powder days, Apres Ski (drinks in the lodge – or Jacuzzi – after skiing), and way more ladies than we thought.

The Bad: 

Like we said, the best parties are nearly impossible to get into so you’ll have to find an in with someone, sneak in, or grease the bouncer.  Hence, it can get expensive.

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Location: Park City, Utah, USA

Date: Late January

Party Type: Film Festival

Cost: $$$ (lodging, skiing, and parties can get rather pricey)


Preparations: Watch a few movies that became big via Sundance (Saw, Super Troopers, Reservoir Dogs, Blair Witch, Clerks, Napoleon Dynamite...).

What to Bring: Winter gear (it gets cold) and your clubbing best (dress to impress to get into these hot spots).

Other top parties here: skiing in winter, outdoorsy in summer.

Sundance Film Festival

Started in 1978, the Sundance Film Festival has grown to be one of the most attractive events of its kind… bringing in the best independent movie-makers, Hollywood money, and lots of ‘really ridiculously good looking people.’

Even the dead of winter doesn’t stop 40,000 from descending on the mountains of Utah to try to see the next big hit, rub elbows with celebs, and party their asses off.  Seriously.  Watch movies or ski during the day but the when the sun goes down the people get busy. Even 3.2% beer in stingy Utah doesn’t hinder the partying. And you’ve got hotties looking for their sugar daddies; maybe that’s you and your bachelor party (fake it ‘til you make it).

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Bachelor10 Tip: 

Seeing some of the more popular movies can mean waiting in lines for hours and their after-parties can be even harder to get into. Plan ahead, either with connections before you go or paying off some clipboard-carrying assistant when you’re there.