Very Bad Things

The Good: 

The prostitute is played by real-life porn star Kobé Tai, which just makes the scene extra sweet and especially odd.

The Bad: 

The thought of Jeremy Piven having sex makes us throw up in our mouths a bit. Then again, whoever cast him as a hooker-killer knew what they were doing.

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Year Released: 1998

Tagline: “They’ve been bad. Very bad.”

Runtime: 100 minutes

Estimated Gross: $9,801,782, U.S. (Jan. 1999 - IMDB)

Stars: Christian Slater, Daniel Stern, Cameron Diaz, Jon Favreau, Leland Orser, Jeanne Tripplehorn

Very Bad Things


Could it get any worse is the question you’ll ask yourself after watching this unsung gem? Okay, picture this: you and your buddies leave for your bachelor party (you being Jon Favreau of Swingers fame). A harmless little adventure in Vegas that’s going great until your buddy (Jeremy Piven) hires a prostitute then accidentally kills her during some rough sex in the hotel bathroom. Well, the next step is pretty clear; someone needs to take charge and that someone is played all-too-convincingly by Christian Slater, who proceeds to kill the security guard after he unwittingly discovers said hooker.

Mayhem ensues including body burying, bridezillas (Cameron Diaz), and a few more deaths at the hands of these formerly best buddies.

Very Bad Things is a diamond in the rough that performed so poorly in theaters it didn’t even recoup the $10 million it cost to make the flick. But, trust us: seeing the comeuppance that befalls Cameron Diaz’s character at the end is worth the years of gleeful giggling torture she’s put us through over the years.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Perhaps this is a lesson not to pay for nookie on your bachelor party weekend. Then again, if you do just make sure there are no sharp objects close by.