Wandering Eyes Lead Nowhere Good

The Good: 

You may save the Bachelor from ruining his life. Then again, protecting the Bachelor from the 18 year-old and making him go through with the wedding, his conscience unblemished, could also ruin his life depending on the situation. Conundrum!

The Bad: 

This is a Bachelor Party, not a Church BBQ. Your buddies aren’t saints and some indiscretions are expected when you’re with your crew. If you think the bride isn’t getting “jiggy” with it on her bachelorette party, you’ve got another thing coming.

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The Ugly: We’ve seen Bachelor parties cross the line from a fun, scandalous good time in which everyone respects the line of decency, to a full-fledged scandal that follows the party back home. Have you been reading this list? If you must transgress, transgress with a brain and make sure no one has a Flip Cam pointed at the Bachelor’s grinning face!

Wandering Eyes Lead Nowhere Good


Get the Bachelor nice and buzzed and make sure he has a blast in his final hurrah before a life of minivans, PTA meetings, and brunch at the in-laws. However, make sure you keep a close eye on him and ensure he doesn’t do anything in his stupor he’ll regret three days later. This list can be vague, but use common sense: if the Bachelor is getting too cozy in a club with an 18 year-old hottie who’s ready to go, you may want to distract him with a shot or a cigar outside. If all else fails, remind him the 18 year-old isn’t worth it (even though you know she is).

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Every attendee to the party should pledge in advance to keep the Bachelor safe and make sure that if he strays, he only strays so far. Dancing close with the aforementioned 18 year-old isn’t the end of the world. Eloping with her while at a Vegas Bachelor party could probably complicate the previously planned wedding.