What Happens at the Party, Stays at the Party

The Good: 

Everyone has a cell phone with camera nowadays, and it’s pretty darn funny reviewing pics the next morning. But, please delete them on Sunday if they’re incriminating. Flickr ruins lives, kids. Didn’t you see that movie where Jeff Bridges portrayed the beleaguered President? The Contender. A repeat viewing before the party may be wise.

The Bad: 

A wife or girlfriend finds a photo of you or the Bachelor in an compromised position. Uh oh.

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The Ugly: You may have heard of this new thing called YouTube.com. Girls, jobs, and lives may be at stake now. If you absolutely must share photos, do so in a private Picassa album shared only with members of the party.

What Happens at the Party, Stays at the Party


It’s all fun and games until a marriage or wedding gets broken up over a misunderstanding taken out of context. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (or wherever your Bachelor Party takes you) is a common saying for a reason. In this era, documenting the party should be encouraged-- some photos here, an HD 3D IMAX movie of your friends doing Jell-O shots off a stripper’s chest there-- but posting the media in any kind of forum whatsoever should be discouraged at all costs. It’s all fun and games until someone runs for Governor 20 years later -- and remember: YouTube never forgets.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Decide beforehand if people are even allowed to take any pics/vids. Establish ground rules at the beginning for what people are allowed to do with their media. And, showing footage to girlfriends or wives is off limits. Period. Bros before... well, you get it.