When? Find the best weekend.

The Good: 

Listen, the actual date doesn’t really matter as long as the Bachelor is good to go and he is psyched with the guys that can make it.

The Bad: 

Someone will complain about the date.  It’s annoying like Jon Favreau in Swingers for the first 90%.  Flame their ass and move on.

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When? Find the best weekend.


Picking a date often comes down to simply when the Bachelor is available.  But there are a couple tried and true rules to follow:

1) Do NOT do it within two weeks of the wedding.  See the B10 Party Fouls for more detail.

2) Aim for Thursday through Sunday.  Not everyone can do Thursday but the early arrivals can get acquainted with some local flavor and hook ups and relax. Plis your crew only gets so many free passes so take advantage!

3) You can often pair the dates with a target location and a sweet event, which we'll feature in a list soon.

4) Once you have multiple options for the Best Man, then set up a google doc (or other shared excel document) and send to the bachelor crew to fill out, which will make it a lot easier on the Best Man than going through the dozens of emails (which will happen anyway with more fun chatter like trash talking rather than mundane details).

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Once you’ve made a decision, stick with it. And realize that someone will probably have a last minute cancellation. Such is life. Hopefully he wasn’t the Awesome Wing Man or the Funny Guy (like Vince Vaughn from Swingers); hope for the Angry Drunk and Terrible Gambler to sit it out instead (like Jeremy Piven from Very Bad Things).