Where to? Pick the prime location.

The Good: 

Wherever you go, it almost doesn’t matter, as you’re with the Bachelor so keep that in mind, forget the arguments, and have some fun.

The Bad: 

Don’t listen to the naysayers, unless they’re willing to put they’re money where their mouth is and actually pay more $ than the rest AND post a video on http://www.squabbler.com/ 

Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

How much should you pay: No $ down to make this decision, but the money will surely flow soon when booking flights, hotels, etc.

Best to involve: The Bachelor & Best Man.

Where to? Pick the prime location.


Here’s where the most debates happen.  West Coast vs. East Coast?. Midwest vs. the South? International waters vs. demilitarized zones?

Do you want the crazy club & gambling scene of Las Vegas or New Orleans?  Or do you prefer the city life of NYC or Atlanta?  Or are you looking to mix cool outdoor activities into your party schedule in Los Angeles or San Francisco?

Where everyone is coming from plays a role here, as does price.  And it helps to make it be a reasonably accessible city so people don’t have to change planes or take multiple methods of transport to get there.

You can review each city and what they have to offer throughout Bachelor10.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Look at who’s likely coming and where they’re from around the country.  Then talk with the Bachelor and perhaps one other trusted friend to discuss the pros and cons.  Once you’re made a decision, own it, and use our tips to ensure the best party ever!