Who’s in and how big is your wolf pack?

The Good: 

You have a chance to make some new friends; embrace it.  Logistically, you can use a google doc (or other shared document) to help coordinate.

The Bad: 

Issues occasionally arise; be ready to deal with them, but remember that this is supposed to be a blast for the Bachelor #1, the crew #2, and you #3.  And don’t let the Bachelor stress; Best Man, that’s your job.

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Who’s in and how big is your wolf pack?


Fellas, this time size does matter.  While most bachelor parties average 8-12, having 20 guys vs. 4 can make a difference in what kinds of activities you participate in, what kind of lodging you get, and which city you choose.

Sit down with the Bachelor and figure out who he wants to invite.  He’ll have some friends from growing up, a couple from college, and probably a few from the recent years.  Then you have to ask, should he invite work friends or the bride’s brother?  “It’s Tricky to rock around…” with those folks so be careful.

When you have a ballpark figure on who/where/when/what, try to estimate the costs and let people know as that could weed out a few.

Bachelor10 Tip: 

Make sure to bunk groups of guys who know each other together when possible as most issues we’ve seen (besides drunken fights with randoms) happen with the rooming situation.  Not too dissimilar from the chaos in Tom Hanks's epic Bachelor Party.