Winter Music Conference in Miami

The Good: 

Awesome weather, spicy food, hot women, cool tunes, & most girls don’t know what famous DJs look like so it could just be you…

The Bad: 

This is a DJ-heavy music conference so expect that type of crowd - think raver b-boys and girls in Hello Kitty backpacks and pigtails. Also, most conferences conjure pictures of boring panels and awkward conversations with co-workers so you may need to do some convincing.

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Location: Miami, FL, USA

Date: Mid-Late March

Party Type: Conference plus parties.

Cost: $$$ (if you actually attend the conference; we prefer the parties & nightlife)


Preparations: Create and listen to a playlist of some new music you’ll all discover. Craft your stories and pick-up lines for the groupies or if you are lucky enough to chat up a hot, up-and-coming artist.

What to Bring: Sunscreen, an open-mind for new musical innovation, eagerness to party and see new musical acts.

Other top parties here: Art Basel (but that's probably too high-end/cerebral for your crew).

Winter Music Conference in Miami

Picture winter, it’s probably snowing or raining or at least your Seasonal Depression Disorder is in full gear. But March is around the corner and that means it’s time for a trip to the Sunshine State for some fun in the sun. Well, if you want to maximize the good times, especially for a bachelor party, think about hitting up the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

You’ll get the best of Miami – 75 degree weather, even hotter nightclubs with sizzling ladies ready to make your acquaintance, good eats, and cooler than cool hotels. Oh, and don’t forget you can hit up the best “largest music industry gathering of its kind in the world.”

Literally 100s of DJs, 1000s of ladies, and you’re on a beach.  Or a boat. Repeat after me (or T-Pain), I’m on a boat.

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Bachelor10 Tip: 

Bring a camera. You’ll appreciate it later as there will be some amazing shots; just keep bachelor party shots on the DL. You can find a good one HERE.