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Questions (with answers)

Who is for? is for guys planning or attending a bachelor party. It’s also for guys planning any trip where they want a male perspective. Think of Bachelor10 as an online aggregator of travel destinations where guys can be guys. The site works best when readers voice their opinions and argue with each other about the best places to travel. Hey, at Bachelor10 there’s far more than 10 sides to every story.

How can I submit new location or tip reviews?
Email us with your ideas and we’ll take a look and do our best to incorporate a new venue. You can also offer feedback for the community in the form of comments on the bottom of each page in addition to following us (and interact with us) on Twitter and Facebook.

One day, we hope to expand our user generated content features but for now you’ll have to trust our crack team of editors, guys who have spent years scouring the globe for the best spot to chase tail, beer, food, or generally amazingly fun activities for you and your friends.

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How can we trust these reviews? And how is this different or better than other review sites?
Our editorial staff personally reviews each venue. We aren’t paid to review. We don’t ask for money to remove bad reviews or comments. We can’t be swayed by intimidation.
We want our friends and the general public to be able to have the best party ever. We can only do that if there’s no bias and that’s what we strive for.

Who are you?
We’re just a bunch of guys in our 30s who’ve attended a lot of bachelor parties, collectively have lived in most major US cities, enjoy creating lists and reviews, and wanted to help our friends have the best parties ever. The reason for this is simple: we’ve planned bachelor parties and group trips with friends and let us tell you, it’s a pain in the neck. Time is scarce and so is cash, why roll the dice when you travel. Why not take a few tips from us, the experts. Meet the Team here.

What’s next for
As we grow, we plan to enable more user-generated content, expand from bachelor parties to a general guys’ party site, and create tools to help you guys create, organize, and have the best party ever. Please let us know what else you’re looking for, what creative ideas you have, and how we’re doing.

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Why don’t you have Top 10 Lists for my city?
We’d love to write Bachelor10 lists for every city, but only have so much time. We also want to make sure we focus on a few places to start and make sure we deliver you the top 10 places to go in various categories. So we’ve picked the places where we’ve been to the most bachelor parties. We are starting with NYC, Vegas, LA, and SF. The next wave is Atlanta, Chicago, Montreal, and New Orleans. After that, who knows? Got suggestions?

We do want to keep our readers happy, of course, so please let us know which city we should do next! Perhaps we’ll have a poll and get the official word from our readers on what should come next!

Why Top 10 Lists?
Why not!? Also, 10 sounded like a round number and people are used to Top 10 lists.

Why so patriarchal? Where is the Bachelorette10 site?
Ha! Well, we’re a bunch of guys right now and want to write about what we know. Sometimes guys need to keep their own council without a softer perspective. Enter Bachelor10.

For that matter, what is a bachelor party?
A Bachelor Party is a rite of passage for a guy getting married. It’s a chance for a last hurrah as a single man with his buddies. A chance to let loose, do guy things, hang out with old friends, and have a blast. And, no, we strongly discourage getting the Bachelor into trouble-- with the law nor his lady!

I hate bachelor parties. Is there any other value in your site?
Well, we hate you... Just kidding. Sort of. That’s okay. In that case, think of Bachelor10 as a site for guys’ travel. Sometimes guys like to hang out together out of town. You know, leave the girlfriends or wives at home and have fun! If you like doing fun things with your buddies, you’ll find some great nuggets at C’mon, do you really want to learn to surf, eat gigantic steaks, see summer baseball games, or, you know, gawk at hot females with your girlfriend around? Neither do we.

When will Bachelor10 go international?
Soon! Our next wave of cities includes Montreal and Cabo is likely coming shortly thereafter. If you have other ideas, please let us know!

Your lists suck? I can do better. How can I be a true Bachelor and start slinging hot copy for you?
Thanks for the praise! At least we’ve got you reading, right?
We’re always looking for help. If you want to submit some great content, please email us at: