Meet the Team

Meet the Team

You want to know who's behind this site? You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? The truth is that we are a band of charming misanthropes, charismatic deviants, loquacious dilettantes posing as auteurs, casanovas of the night, et al. Etc. Etc.

The truth is, we're just like you: young, hip, bleeding edge, trendsetting guys willing to scour the globe for that perfect tequila shot or late night hot spot. Like our users, we love to travel and we love to explore. And we're so damn good at it, it would be selfish, no, criminal if we kept our wealth of information to ourselves. From our home base of San Francisco (with a satellite office in New York City), we've launched our detective personalities all over the world to bring you the best information for your weekend of decadence: your Bachelor Party extravaganza.

Name: Ross
Description: He knows San Francisco and New York City like the back of his hand. His reliability can't be trusted with any cities in the South.
Favorite Cities to Visit: San Diego, Chicago, Washington, DC, Paris, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires. Currently living in San Francisco.
Favorite Bachelor Party City: Montreal
Favorite Bachelor Party Activity: Fishing. He has a serious weakness for chartered fishing trips with the boys, a lot of beer, and a bbq grill waiting back on dry land.
# of Bachelor Parties Attended: 10. Plus or minus three.
Best Bachelor Party Story: Eating poutine in Montreal with some of the best "gentlemen" Chicago has to offer in honor of his best friend was exceptional. Planning the damn thing was educational. Hence Bachelor10, the team’s brainchild.
Worst Bachelor Party Story: Not being able to make it to a party in Vegas, which had been moved from New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina, then not being able to make it to the party due to an accounting final that Sunday. Seriously, who plans an accounting final on a Sunday?
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Name: Eric
Description: He’s lived all over the USA plus a stint in London.
Favorite Cities to Visit: Sydney, Barcelona, New York, New Orleans. Currently living in San Francisco and New York City.
Favorite Bachelor Party City: New Orleans
Favorite Bachelor Party Activity: Anything that involves just the guys and the Bachelor. He’s all for bars or concerts/sporting events or even a club, but his most memorable times have been on the golf course or in a cabana with just the bachelor group. Specifically, a golf outing in Vegas still brings back fond memories of the best man lying on the ground after a shotgun with our mouth from the South belting out country tunes from his cart.
# of Bachelor Parties Attended: Countless (seriously). Let’s go with 33. On my way to 69.
Best Bachelor Party Story: In LA, his crew drank at an outdoor pool bar near Pam Anderson-Lee (who looked like an alien) and apparently hung out with Jamie Pressley at the heavyweight championship fight at Staples Center and Tracy Morgan at the hotel, who proceeded to get thrown out by the group for being a little aggressive and weird. It’s all a little blurry unfortunately....
Worst Bachelor Party Story: Tie between 1) having his cousin nearly break his foot by jumping on him during a dance-a-thon with some ladies at a random bar in upstate NY, 2) going to a casino & “club” in AC for a high school buddy’s bachelor party where everyone got their wallets cleaned out and the “club” had the worst talent possible, and 3) watching his fraternity brother almost getting arrested for pissing outside in a Cabo bush.
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Name: David
Description: Corporate marketer during the week, social misfit during the weekend. He’s a New Yorker through and through with over 10 years in NYC under his belt. He also lived the dream by spending two years in Las Vegas working for a casino property. Yes, it gets hot in the summer; no, he didn’t date any strippers (dancers on the other hand….)
Favorite Bachelor Party City: New Orleans
Favorite Bachelor Party Activity: Gambling, specifically blackjack. Having everybody at the same table, cracking stupid jokes, ordering rounds of free booze, talking smack to the dealer, winning and losing as a crew, makes for an awesome experience. And whether you walk away up or down, you’ll be laughing over the story about how your buddy went large, had to split three times and won on a dealer bust over and over that night.
# of Bachelor Parties Attended: Mid 30s by now.
Best Bachelor Party Story: Coordinating the move of his brother’s bachelor party from New Orleans to Puerto Rico in a week. They had planned to hit the Big Easy the same week that Katrina pounded the city. Forced to call a last second audible, he locked down flights and hotel rooms in San Juan for 30 people, got reservations for the traditional steak dinner and found the shadiest Strip Club. Thankfully VIP Room means the same thing in any language.
Worst Bachelor Party Story: Going, as his friends came to call it, “off the grid” in New Orleans. After a couple of Hand Grenades at Tropical Isle the night went dark. He awoke some hours later having lost his debit card, lost his ID, lost his cell phone (apparently tossed out the window of a moving cab) and made out with a 58 year-old woman. And room service didn’t have blueberry pancakes.
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Name: Carlos
Description: Globetrotter, and U.S. trotter, he has lived in nine cities since the 90s and keeps safe houses on six continents - and he has found a good party everywhere he's been. When he's not following the beautiful game or watching Pardon the Interruption you can find him enjoying the sun in California.
Favorite Bachelor Party City: Seriously, Rio. But more realistically, New York or Montreal.
Favorite Bachelor Party Activity: The whole thing, from start to finish: from the first round on the flight out to deleting all the photos on the flight home. Pretty much anything but the first day back at work.
# of Bachelor Parties Attended: Probably a couple dozen.
Best Bachelor Party Story: In New Orleans, in a rented second-floor space above a Bourbon Street bar, complete with balcony. Let’s just say some volunteer conscripts put on a better show than the professionals. Absolute barrage of beads....
Worst Bachelor Party Story: Any time a Bachelor got sick before the night got started. Bottles and babes don’t make just any regular guy into Charlie Sheen....
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