Gene & Georgetti

Gene & Georgetti

500 N Franklin St
(between Grand Ave & Illinois St)
Near North Side, River North
(312) 527-3718

Gene & Georgetti is talked about in the same respected tones as famous sons like Dick Butkus and Rick Moranis as it is one of the oldest steakhouses in Chicago, as well as one of the last truly independent steakhouses in the city. So if your bachelor party is clamoring for a true “old-school” Chicago steakhouse experience, you might want to take the crew to G&G. The place leans heavily on their classic reputation, from the deep red leather booths to the waiters who may actually know where Jimmy Hoffa is. The menu is a take on the Italian Steakhouse so if you guys are looking for something other than seared beef know you can find options like Italian Veal Vesuvio, Lobster Alla Diavolo, and Tortellini ala Primavera here, as well. Keep in mind this is more of a man’s steakhouse than a hip joint so if you are looking to creep on the females plan to find another spot once you pay your bill.

Venue Tip: 

The portions at Gene & Georgetti’s tend to lean on the “that thing is enormous” side so keep that in mind when you are ordering. There’s nothing less impressive than toting around a doggy bag at the club because you could only eat a third of your steak.

The Good: 
Like we said the portions are huge. Plus G&G’s vibe is perfect for the Bachelor’s final manly night out.
The Bad: 
Oddly enough the steak can be the least impressive thing about Gene & Georgetti’s. Don’t expect to be floored by your order.
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Price: $$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Signature Dish: Broiled Lamb Chops with some Veal Vesuvio for the table

Attire: It’s an old-school joint so they expect your party to dress appropriately.

Needs Reservations: Not required but always recommended.

Alcohol: Full bar but stick to the classic cocktails