Hotel Allegro

Hotel Allegro

171 W Randolph St
The Loop
(312) 236-0123
Al-le-gro adv. & adj. In a quick, lively tempo, usually considered to be faster than allegretto but slower than presto. Used chiefly as a direction. (“Let’s drink this wine allegro, it’s only free for another 20 minutes.”)
Al-le-gro Proper name A cool and fun hotel located in the Loop in Chicago, known for its daily bi-level lobby (the location of incredible happy hours), eclectic decor (think W Hotels crossed with 70’s porn movie), and teeny tiny rooms (even for Chicago). A great location for your bachelor party or for couples looking to rekindle some old romance. [see also: Heavenly Bodies, Fantasy Sports Bar and VIPs: A Gentleman’s Club).

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Venue Tip: 

The non-suite bedrooms are notably small so make sure you book at least one suite for the bachelor party to hang in. Also remember that, since this is a Kimpton, they have special treats if you say a code word when you check in -- scour the Internet for the most recent one before you arrive.

The Good: 
A fun happy hour scene starts the night off right. Plus it’s walking distance to a 7/11 that sells hard alcohol.
The Bad: 
The rooms are notably small so if you’re cramming four dudes into one you’d better all be close -- or you will be after the weekend.
Vote Up/Down:
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Price: $$$

Best Feature: We’ll go with the free wine everyday at the lobby from 5pm to 6pm.

Vibe: Like a NYC boutique hotel -- tiny rooms offset by a fun lobby.

Good Place to Party?: For the free happy hour booze yes; but the weak bar scene and paper-thin walls say you should plan for true debauchery somewhere else.

Nearby Eats: 312 Chicago is next door for some tasty hangover cures. N9NE Steakhouse is a quick cab ride or walk over to Ronny’s Original or Rosebud Prime.

Nearby Drinks: Take advantage of the Happy Hour deal but then move on; ROOF at theWit and Encore Liquid Lounge are both close by.