Atlanta Marriott Suites Midtown

Atlanta Marriott Suites Midtown

35 14th St
(404) 876-8888

Like the urge that drove our forefathers west across the mysterious country fraught with the perils of unfriendly natives and what I can only imagine was ungodly B.O., sometimes a man needs his space. Lucky for your bachelor party this Marriott boasts over 250 spacious suites for a reasonable price, leaving plenty of cash left over to bring entertainment in to fill said space. Sure it isn’t the sexiest of places (you may cross paths with some rowdy businessmen) but you’ll be thanking us when you aren’t sharing floorspace with the Bachelor’s fresh-out-of-crappy-marriage high school buddy.

Venue Tip: 

Stock up on booze beforehand. There’s a wet bar in the suite where you can store the goods and the property lacks a true bar.

The Good: 
Like we said, you gotta love the 550 sq. foot suites with separate living rooms and bedrooms, including sleeper sofas.
The Bad: 
There’s no bar on site so it is a make-your-own-fun place.
Vote Up/Down:
Vote Up/Down

Price: $$

Best Feature: The Indoor/Outdoor connecting pool with whirlpool is a great place to kill the day.

Vibe: Business hotel where you can create mayhem.

Good Place to Party?: No bar but suite size makes in-room entertaining easy.