70 West Paces Ferry Road
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Who serves up Atlanta’s best steak seems to be the focus of some debate.  We at Bacherlor10 maintain a studied neutrality on the long-running Chops vs. Bones issue, but there’s no denying that Chops cooks an amazing piece of beef. The Bachelor can choose from a long list of locally sourced prime beef, including multiple sizes of filet mignon and New York strip.  And then there’s the 45-day wet aging process that ensures maximum tenderness for each slab.  Of course, for those of us who prefer the dry-aging process (you absolutely must take a side on this issue), that’s usually available, too: just ask.  Your party should leave the flip-flops at the hotel:  Chops is an upscale affair.  So watch that the Bachelor doesn’t get too rowdy after he gobbles up his Wagyu Kobe N.Y. Strip.

Venue Tip: 

The Club At Chops: Yes, my friends, Chops has a secret club located under the dining room. Ask the maitre d’ for the scoop. Plush booths with framed Rat Pack photos, scotch you’ve never heard of, and humidor room with Star Trek sliding glass doors.  You’ll feel like a high-roller (despite the fact that almost anyone can get in here).

The Good: 
Lots of types of filets to choose from. And lots and lots of different beers with which to wash the filets down. No, there is nothing wrong with drinking beer with a filet.
The Bad: 
The price and upscale atmosphere can be a deterrent for the more rowdy bachelor partiers among us. But hey, it cuts down on the riff-raff.
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Price: $$$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Signature dish: Porterhouse grilled at 1700 degrees

Attire: Dressy

Needs Reservations: Yes

Parking: Valet

What’s next?: Nava, Fado Irish Pub, Bliss Atlanta Gentlemen’s Club, Club ONYX