Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chao

3101 Piedmont Rd
(404) 266-9988
For those not familiar with the Brazilian steakhouse experience, it goes like this: you have a dial built into your table. Green means “why yes I will have another 10 slices of filet” which signals to the rotating army of waiters to keep coming. Red means “you may have won the battle, meat, but not the war; I will live to fight another day” prompting the waiters to grant you a breather.  We recommend the top sirloin and bacon-wrapped chicken.  Or try the rump steak, hands down the 2nd greatest rump-related Brazilian export.  Oh, and there’s also a salad bar.  Yeah we know: what a waste of time. Sure, Fogo de Chao is part of a larger chain of steakhouses, and we value authenticity at Bachelor10, but this place somehow feels different. Maybe that feeling is brought on by the 15 (!) different kinds of meat you’ve just eaten for one reasonable flat rate.

Venue Tip: 

Slow and steady wins this race.  Newbies will be tempted to try every offering at once.  But churrascaria veterans know the deal: it’s going to be a long night of meat eating; there’s no hurry.

The Good: 
It is physically and hypothetically (maybe even philosophically?) impossible to leave this place without having eaten one’s fill.
The Bad: 
The more the members of your bachelor party drink, the sooner someone dares the Bachelor to try the blood sausage. And no good ever came of trying the blood sausage.
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Price: $$$

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Signature dish: Lombo, a Parmesan-cheese-crusted cut of pork

Attire: Dressy

Needs Reservations: Yes

Parking: Private lot, valet

What’s next?: Fado Irish Pub, Havana Club, Tattletale Lounge, Club ONYX, Bliss Atlanta Gentlemen’s Club